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SARC-BARINET Aerospace Workshop, SBAW2021

18 November, 2021 @ 12:30 - 19 November, 2021 @ 16:30

The SBAW2021 is jointly organized by the Swedish Aerospace Research Center, SARC, which is a body formed by Swedish universities active in this field, and the Brazilian Aerospace Research Network, BARINet, which is a corresponding Brazilian network of universities.

The SBAW2021 is an opportunity to bring together active researchers, professors, postgraduate students, and engineers, working in the field of aerospace, to present and discuss new ideas. In this meeting there will be an emphasis on presentations from PhD-students, and active researchers, to build and strengthen networks within the younger generation. This is the second installation of the workshop following the success of the first one held in Nov 2020.

We would also like to invite the industrial and academic community at large to attend the workshop, to get an efficient overview of relevant research in both Sweden and Brazil. The registration for speakers and attendees is free of charge.

Organizing Committee: 

Emilia Villani, ITA
Fernando Catalano, USP
Carlos Cimini, UFMG
Victor Juliano de Negri, UFSC
Petter Krus, LiU
Ingo Staack, LiU
Tomas Grönstedt, CTH
Dan Henningsson, KTH
Ardeshir Hanifi, KTH


Please register through the following link:



Day 1, Nov 18

Welcome and Introduction 
8:30 12:30 Alessandra Holmo CISB Welcome
8:35 12:35 Petter Krus LiU Welcome
8:40 12:40 Emilia Villani ITA Welcome
BR SE Session A:
Low Emission
Chair: Fernando Catalano (USP) & Tomas Grönstedt (Chalmers)
8:45 12:45 Arnaud Jean Francois Marie Bonnet Embraer Achievements and Improvements reached with the Embraer E2 Series
9:00 13:00 José Faundez Alarcon KTH Active control of boundary-layer instabilies
9:05 13:05 Diego de La Sierra Audiffred ITA Wiener-Hopf technique for experimental control of Tollmien-Schlichting waves
9:10 13:10 Stefan Wallin KTH Dynamics of the deployment of a Krüger high-lift device by numerical simulations within the UHURA H2020 project.
9:15 13:15 Pedro Bravo Mosqueira USP Aerodynamic studies on a low fuel-burn unconventional configuration
9:20 13:20 Fabiola Costa Chalmers Propeller performance and noise prediction
9:25 13:25 Round table discussion
9:35 13:35 Daniel Rosell Chalmers Military engine performance modelling and power extraction
9:40 13:40 Marcos Vinicius USP Distributed electrical propulsion
9:45 13:45 Oliver Sjögren Chalmers Conceptual modelling and design of future fans
9:50 13:50 Round table discussion
10:00 14:00 Break
Session B:
Chair: Susann Boij (KTH) & André Cavalieri (ITA)
10:10 14:10 Micael Carmo Embraer Embraer Silence Aircraft Project
10:25 14:25 Gonzalo Montero Villar CTH Aeroacoustics modelling for propulsion
10:30 14:30 Alex Sano ITA The emergence of secondary tones in airfoil noise
10:35 14:35 Mihai Mihaescu KTH LES of Supersonic Jets at High Temperatures: Flow and Aeroacoustic attributes
10:40 14:40 Gabriel Gouveia USP Using dielectric barrier discharge plasma actuators to reduce high-lift aerodynamic noise
10:45 14:45 Evangelia Maria Thoma CTH Noise and emissions interdependency modelling
10:50 14:50 Round table discussion
11:00 15:00 Break
Session C:

Aerospace Systems & SoS

Chair: Emilia Villani (ITA) & Petter Krus (LiU)
11:10 15:10 Magnus Eek Saab Model-Based Engineering for Energy Management
11:25 15:25 Artur Tozzi C. Gama UFSC Multi-mode actuators
11:30 15:30 Felix Larsson LiU/Saab Aircraft actuator technology evaluation
11:35 15:35 Dimitri Oliveira e Silva UFSC Electro-hydrostatic actuator
11:40 15:40 Sofia Schön LiU Towards guidelines for model and simulation of SoS
11:45 15:45 Ludvig Knöös Franzén LiU What is ontology and why should I care?
11:50 15:50 Round table discussion
12:00 16:00 Glauco Caurin USP Presentation of the first SARC-BARINet Aerospace-Competition

Day 2, Nov 19

BR SE Session D:
Systems Engineering & SoS
Chair: Victor De Negri (UFSC) & Ingo Staack (LiU)
8:30 12:30 Christopher Jouannet Saab Aircraft Development in a SoS context
8:40 12:40 Jorge Lovaco LiU Fire fighter system modelling
8:45 12:45 Vitor Sant’Ana UFU Neuro fuzzy modelling of aerodynamics
8:50 12:50 Robert Hällqvist LiU/Saab A versatile framework for exploiting digital twins
5:55 12:55 Round table discussion
9:05 13:05 Jens Alfredson Saab Enhanced Human-Machine Interaction for Future Unmanned Aircraft
9:15 13:15 Manuel Rodrigues ITA Gaze-based interface for flight control
9:20 13:20 Karl Kindström Andersson Saab/LiU/FHS Design for system of systems
9:25 13:25 Kleber de Oliveira Andrade USP Drones monitoring
9:30 13:30 Alexandra Oprea LiU/Saab Flexible flight simulation framework
9:35 13:35 Round table discussion
Session E:
UAV, Autonomous Systems and AI
Chair: Jorge Bidinotto (USP) & Fredrik Heinz (LiU)
9:45 13:45 Fredrik Heinz LiU AI for Autonomous Systems 
10:00 14:00 Andrew Sarmento ITA Sensor fusion applied to GNS of autonomous systems
10:05 14:05 Siwat Suewatanakul KTH Hybrid/Electric Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Development at KTH Aeronautics – An Overview
10:10 14:10 Danilo Sartori Alarcon USP A Reinforcement Learning Approach for eVTOL Control
10:15 14:15 Round table discussion
10:25 14:25 Break
Session F:
 Aerospace Structures, Manufacturing and Materials
Chair: Ola Isaksson (Chalmers) & Emilia Villani (ITA)
10:30 14:30 Dan Zenkert KTH Shape Morphing Carbon Fibre Composites
10:45 14:45 Viktor Sandell LTU Defect based fatigue life prediction of additive manufactured titanium alloy
10:50 14:50 Dante Krivtzoff De Grandis ITA Residual stress prediction in thermoplastic composites obtained by hot stamping process
10:55 14:55 Olivia Borgue Chalmers, Luxemburg Qualification methodology for additive manufacturing space application (aerospace)
11:00 15:00 Felipe Ruivo Fuga ITA Intra/translaminar damage modelling in FRP composites
11:05 15:05 Vivek Pakkam Gabriel LTU Intralaminar cracking in GF/EP laminate composites
11:10 15:10 Round table discussion
11:20 15:20 Break
Session G:
Chair: Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck (LTU) & Christopher Schneider (ITA)
11:25 15:25 René Laufer LTU Micro Satellites
11:40 15:40 Pedro L. P. Cabral ITA SPORT Project
11:45 15:45 Bernd Weiss LTU Re-use of space debris (business)
11:50 15:50 Cezar Rigo UFSC Task Scheduling for Optimal Power Management and Quality-of-Service Assurance in CubeSats
11:55 15:55 Round table discussion
12:05 16:05 Margot Clauss LTU Re-use of space debris (tech)
12:10 16:10 Carline Degregori Muenchen ITA Mission analysis of a reusable and responsive suborbital vehicle
12:15 16:15 Didun Obilanade LTU/GKN Project DYKAM
12:20 16:20 Round table discussion
12:30 16:30 Closing discussions


18 November, 2021 @ 12:30
19 November, 2021 @ 16:30
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