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SARC.Research: Aeronautical engineering

The research area of aeronautical engineering deals with aerodynamics and flight mechanics. It is a broad area allowing fundamental studies on a range of topics. The main emphasis is on whole aircraft systems covering long-term studies. Long-term focus is ensured by the low-TRL emphasis of SARC. New radical aircraft concepts and impact of radical technology (collaboration with research area: propulsion) and how new requirements influence the platforms could be topics.

System-level collaboration on analysing new aircraft types and integration aspects are interesting topics. This includes new airframe design such as truss bar wings, blended wing bodies, boundary layer ingestion and similar, but also various topics which could lead to greening of aviation.

Related research clusters
  • Concept methods and system-of-system methods. Cluster leader: Christopher Jouannet, Saab
  • Aeronautical engineering. Cluster leader: Roger Larsson, Saab
  • Avionic platform technology. Cluster leader: Ingemar Söderquist, Saab