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SARC.Research: Propulsion

Propulsion research aims at studying how new radical propulsion concepts and ideas influence future propulsion performance and integration, mostly on the civil side but also military. Since concepts are expected to be at low TRL, this may encompass new turbomachine types, new system-level concepts such as propulsion integrated in boundary-layer flows, ideas for new heat-management solutions etc. Also, collaboration with radical system-level concepts under aeronautical engineering is possible as well as assessment of system platforms with a high potential to reduce the environmental impact of aviation. This could be new fuels (biofuels) but also cryogenic fuels such as methane or hydrogen.

Related research clusters
  • Propulsion Systems. Cluster leader: Anders Lundbladh, GKN Aerospace
  • Turbomachinery. Cluster leader: Hans Mårtensson, GKN Aerospace