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Centre fundamentals

SARC is a strategic collaboration of Swedish universities and research organisations conducting research and/or education within the aerospace sector initiated by Innovair and funded by Vinnova. Official partners in the centre are LiU and Chalmers, but SARC is open to any stakeholder within this field. SARC membership is free of charge.

The SARC constitution was worked out by Prof. Dan Henningson (KTH/LiU), Prof. Tomas Grönstedt (Chalmers) and Prof. Petter Krus (LiU) in collaboration with Dr. Anders Blom from Innovair. The three professors come from the largest universities within the NFFP7 research programme and have partly also been chosen due to their merits and expertise gained within the Swedish-Brazilian collaboration programme.


The SARC leadership is represented by the following stakeholders from academia and industry:

  • Yvonne Rosmark (Innovair)
  • Sinisa Krajnovic (Chalmers)
  • Tomas Ireman (Saab)
  • Fredrik Lundell (KTH)
  • Margareta Groth (LTU)
  • Henrik Runnemalm (GKN)
  • Matts Karlsson (LiU)
Adjunct members:
  • Mats-Olof Olsson (FMV)
Centre directors:
  • 2023-          : Ardeshir Hanifi (KTH), Marta-Lena Antti (LTU, co-director)
  • 2020-2022: Petter Krus (LiU)
  • 2019-2020: Tomas Grönstedt (Chalmers)
  • 2018-2019: Dan Henningson (KTH/LiU)