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The SARC-BARINet workshop will be held online.

Registration for SARC-BARINet Workshop

Please register through the link here.

Preliminary programme for SARC-BARINet Workshop

November 12


Welcome and Introduction
09:00 13:00 Alessandra Holmo CISB Introduction
09:05 13:05 Tomas Grönstedt Chalmers Welcome
09:10 13:10 Carlos Cimini UFMG Welcome
Session A- Low Emission

Chair: Fernando Catalano and Tomas Grönstedt

09:15 13:15 Ricardo Antonio Binotto Dupont ANAC Environmental actions
09:30 13:30 Isak Jonsson Chalmers Experimental Study of Transition in a Turbine Rear Structure
09:35 13:35 João Paulo Eguea USP Fuel efficiency improvement on a bussiness jet using a camber morphing winglet concept
09:40 13:40 Vinícius Tavares Silva Chalmers Experimental Aerodynamic Investigation of Powered Nacelles for High-Bypass Turbofan Engines
09:45 13:45 Round table discussion Catalano, Grönstedt, Brynolf
09:55 13:55 José Alexandre Fregnani ITA Integrated optimization of air transportation systems
10:00 14:00 Luca de Vincentiis KTH Free-stream Turbulence Induced Boundary-Layer Transition in Low-Pressure Turbines
10:05 14:05 Pedro David Bravo-Mosquera USP Design and computational analysis of a closed non-planar wing aircraft coupled to a boundary layer ingestion propulsion system
10:10 14:10 Round table discussion
10:20 14:20 SME pitches
Session B – Aerospace Systems

Chair: Victor de Negri, Petter Krus

10:35 14:35 Alessandro Del’amico Saab Future aircraft on-board energy systems
10:50 14:50 Marcos Paulo Nostrami UFSC Digital pump/cylinder control
10:55 14:55 Christopher Reichenwallner LiU/Saab Design perspectives for aircraft actuation systems
11:00 15:00 Artur Tozzi C. Gama UFSC Multi-mode actuators
11:05 15:05 Jörg Schmindner LiU Effects of themal load on pilots
11:10 15:10 Marcela Aline Dulcini Demarzo USP Fuel level measurement system
11:15 15:15 Round table discussion
11:30 15:30 SME pitches Carlos Cimini
Session C – Systems Engineering and SoS

Chair: Emilia Villani, Ingo Staack

11:45 15:45 Christopher Jouannet Saab System of systems
12:00 16:00 Ludvig Knöös Franzén LiU Ontologies for system of systems
12:05 16:05 Luis Antônio Vieira Pelegrineli USP Anti-skid and braking system
12:10 16:10 Sofia Schön LiU Agent based simulation for system of system
12:15 16:15 Round table discussion
12:25 16:25 Aline Matheus ITA Control of robotic flight simulator
12:30 16:30 Karl Kindström Andersson Saab/LiU/FHS Design for system of systems
12:35 16:35 Manuel Alejandro Rodriguez Diaz ITA Alternative flight control interface
12:40 16:40 Round table discussion

November 13

Session D – Subscale testing and small UAV

Chair: Roberto Gil da Silva, David Lundström

09:00 13:00 Roger Larsson Saab Subscale flight testing, an industrial point of view
09:15 13:15 Leonardo Murilo Nepomucemo ITA Lift estimation of a Subscale Fighter using analytical, numerical and experimental methods
09:20 13:20 David Lundström LiU Subscale flight testing – an educational perspective
09:35 13:35 Round table discussion
09:25 13:25 Alessandro Davi Avinamics/ITA
09:30 13:30 Alejandro Sobron Ruéda LiU Subscale flight testing in practice: Data acquisition and analytics
09:35 13:35 Natanael de Carvalho Pereira USP/ISST
09:40 13:40 Round table discussion
09:50 13:50 Break
10:00 14:00
Session E -University pitches and discussion

Chair: Victor de Negri

10:30 14:30 Break
Session F – Small Satellites

Chair: René Laufer and Renato Borges

10:40 14:40 Fernando Aguado (Vigo University)
10:55 14:55 Arthur Amaral Ferreira UnB/DLR Investigation of the Space Weather impact on the Alfa Crux CubeSat mission communication link
11:00 15:00 Theresia Hestad Project APTAS
11:05 15:05 Angel Arcia Gil UoN/UnB Lean design of the TT&C subsystem for the WormSail Cubesat mission
11:10 15:10 Round table discussion
11:20 15:20 Chris Nieto A frictionless vehicle for three-degree-of-freedom simulation of orbital dynamics
11:25 15:25 Antonio Cassiano Julio Filho INPE Prospective Nanosatellite Projects at National Institute for Space Research
11:30 15:30 Aris Golemis KvarkenSat, the Finnish – Swedish joint nanosatellite
11:35 15:35 Round table discussion