Background and scope:

Systems of systems and collaborative unmanned aerial vehicles is a field that is becoming increasingly important, as a result of the digital transformation. With this competition the multi-disciplinary approach needed for this is encouraged and fostered.  Awards for the best projects in this field is therefore proposed with a backing from industry in each country.

The competition is about presenting the best solution to a problem involving multiple unmanned aircraft. This could be a few aircraft flying in formation to perform a task or a swarm of smaller aircraft. The concepts could also involve dissimilar aircraft.

The first round will be awarded at the end of June 2021. The presentations will be made on-line.


Prices will be awarded for best project in two classes
  • Open class:
    This class involves an open-ended innovative task.
    PhD (master and undergraduate students are allowed to participate), young researchers and start-up companies
  • Student class:
    Here a specific task is given to be solved.
    Restricted up to master level
Presentation could be through simulation and/or a physical demonstration.
Participants will be invited to special lectures during the course of the competition on a regular basis. The objective is to form a community among the participants.