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SARC-BARINet Workshop 2023

22 November, 2023 @ 12:00 - 24 November, 2023 @ 17:00

The SBAW2023 is jointly organized by the Swedish Aerospace Research Centre, SARC, which is a body formed by Swedish universities active in this field, and the Brazilian Aerospace Research Network, BARINET, which is a corresponding Brazilian network of universities.

The SBAW2023 is an opportunity to bring together active researchers, professors, postgraduate students, and engineers, working in the field of aerospace, to present and discuss new ideas. In this meeting there will be an emphasis on presentations from PhD-students, and active researchers, to build and strengthen networks within the younger generation. This is the fourth instalment of the workshop following the success of the first one held in Nov 2020.

The event is in hybrid move. The physical part is hosted by the Federal university of Santa Catharina, UFSC in Florianopolis, Brazil. We would also like to invite the industrial and academic community at large to attend the workshop, to get an efficient overview of relevant research in both Sweden and Brazil. The registration for speakers and attendees is free of charge.


Join the meeting online through the link

Organizing Committee:

Emilia Villani, ITA, Fernando Catalano USP, Carlos Cimini UFMG, Victor Juliano de Negri UFSC, Luciana Pereira UFABC, Petter Krus LiU, Svjetlana Stekovic LiU, Tomas Grönstedt, CTH, Dan Henningsson KTH, Ardeshir Hanifi KTH, Anna Öhrwall-Rönnbäck LTU, Marta-Lena Antti LTU.

Preliminary programme

Day 1, Nov 22
BR SE Welcome and Introduction
9:00 13:00 Petter Krus LiU
9:02 13:02 Emilia Villani ITA
Ardeshir Hanifi KTH, Director SARC
9:05 13:05 Alessandra Holmo Director CISB
9:10 13:10 Yvonne Rosmark Director INNOVAIR
9:20 13:20 Per-Olof Marklund
CTO Saab Aeronautics
BR SE Session A- Sustainable Aviation
Chair: Fernando Catalano (USP) & Tomas Grönstedt (Chalmers)
9:30 13:30 Anders Lundbladh GKN Aerospace Sustainable Propulsion for Aviation
9:45 13:45 Patxi Daniel Rodriguez Acero Chalmers Air Mobility Emergency System (AMES)
9:50 13:50 Joao Paulo Eguea EESC-USP Experimental techiniques for a laminar swept 2-D wing testing
9:55 13:55 Adam Johansson Chalmers Minimum environmental impact ultra-efficient cores for aircraft propulsion
10:00 14:00 Pedro David Bravo-Mosquera EESC-USP Potential Propulsive and Aerodynamic Benefits of a New Aircraft Concept: A Low-Speed Experimental Study
10:05 14:05 Hakkı Aksoy KTH Evaluation of Boeing Fuel Flow Method to Calculate In-Flight Emissions of Sustainable Aviation Fuels
10:10 14:10 Round table discussion
10:20 14:20 Break
BR SE Session B – Aeroacoustics
Chair: Ardeshir Hanifi (KTH) & André Cavalieri (ITA)
10:25 14:25 William Wolf UNICAMP Incomplete Ffowcs Williams and Hawkings Surfaces for Aeroacoustic Predictions
10:40 14:40 Daniel Sampaio Souza UNESP Slat noise mechanism and design implications
10:45 14:45 Thomas Golliard KTH Computational aeroacoustics for non-ideally expanded aerospike nozzle jets
10:50 14:50 Roy Elias Alva Navarro ITA Experimental attenuation of airfoil tonal noise
10:55 14:55 Evangelia Maria Thoma Chalmers CHOICE – A new open source system noise tool for aircraft and propulsion
11:00 15:00 Round table discussion
11:10 15:10 Break
BR SE Session E- UAV, Autonomous Systems
Chair: Davi Antonio dos Santos (ITA) & David Lundström (LiU)
11:25 15:25 Carlos Henrique Costa Ribeiro ITA IA, digitalization and autonomous systems – topics of interest of Brazilian Swedish cooperation (TBC)
11:40 15:40 Nicolas Pereira Borges ITA Safe path prioritization for multi-unit visiting missions performed by UAVs
11:45 15:45 Raffaello Mariani KTH 3-C Projet – Design of an UAV for Atmospheric Gas Measurements
11:50 15:50 Jorge Antonio Ricardo Junior ITA Robust collision-free guidance and control for multirotor aerial vehicles
11:55 15:55 Round table discussion
12:05 16:05 Break
BR SE Session D – Aircraft Systems Engineering
Chair: Victor De Negri (UFSC) & Alessandro Dell’Amico (LiU/Saab)
12:10 16:10 Alessandro Dell’Amico LiU/Saab Future Aircraft Energy Management System
12:25 16:25 Dimitri Oliveira e Silva UNIFESSPA/UFSC Studies of Digital Hydraulic Actuators for Aeronautical Applications
12:30 16:30 Adelia Drego LiU/Saab Aircraft Temperature Management
12:35 16:35 Marcella Demarzo USP Fuel Weight Estimation in Dynamic Flight
12:40 16:40 Karl Kindström Andersson Saab/LiU/FHS Scenario Generation Using AI
12:45 16:45 Andrew Sarmento ITA AI-assisted human-machine interface for remotely piloted aircraft system
12:50 16:50 Round table discussion
Day 2, Nov 24
BR SE Session E – Aerospace Systems and SoS
Chair: Emilia Villani (ITA) & Petter Krus (LiU)
9:00 13:00 Christopher Jouannet Saab/LiU System of Systems Overview
9:10 13:10 Luciana Pereira UFABC Tehchnology Assesment
9:20 13:20 Jorge Lovaco LiU Systems of Systems: Wildfire Fighting
9:25 13:25 Matheus Cogo ITA Bringing statechart execution and inconsistency detection to Capella
9:30 13:30 Felipe Del Guidice LiU TBD
9:35 13:35 Vitor Taha Sant’Ana UFU Experimental Aircraft Aerodynamic Coefficient Identification
9:40 13:40 Sofia Schön LiU Systems of Systems: Search and Rescue Scenario
9:45 13:45 Ariane Novais ITA Impact of visualization techniques on situational awareness during mission planning
9:50 13:50 Round table discussion
10:00 14:00 Break
BR SE Session F – Aerospace Materials and Structures
Chair: Svjetlana Stekovic (LiU) and Anne Chinellato (UFABC)
10:05 14:05 Marie Jonsson LiU Going green with graphene (G3) – coating on organic materials
10:20 14:20 Sydney Santos UFABC MXenes as reinforcements for nanocomposites: perspectives and challenges
10:25 14:25 Patrik Fernberg LTU Thermal-oxidative ageing of temperature resistant polymer composites
10:30 14:30 Mohammad Masoumi UFABC Powder Bed Fusion of High-Mn-N Ni-Free Austenitic Stainless Steel: Achieving Low Porosity and High Mechanical Strength through Process Parameter Selection
10:35 14:35 Round table discussion
10:35 14:35 Break
BR SE Session G – Aerospace Manufacturing
Chair: Massimo Panarotto (Chalmers) and Anderson Borille (ITA)
10:35 14:35 Massimo Panarotto Chalmers Club Design: a Tool for Agile Requirements Engineering in Aicraft Preliminary Design
10:50 14:50 Alejandro Pradas Chalmers How Large Language Models can help Engineering Design Tasks
10:55 14:55 Rodrigo Vieira ITA Effects of Niobium on Additively Manufactured Steels under different Fatigue Mechanisms
11:00 15:00 Abhik Dutta KTH Forming and the role of simulations in manufacturing high quality light-weight composite components
11:05 15:05 Round table discussion
11:15 15:15 Break
BR SE Session H- Space
Chair: Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck (Luleå University of Technology, LTU) & Talita Possamai (UFSC)
11:30 15:30 René Laufer LTU Overview
11:40 15:40 Erik Nyberg LTU AI-tools for interdisciplinary collaboration in space tribology
11:45 15:45 Bernd Weiss LTU Sustainable Innovation Towards Circular Economy in Space
11:50 15:50 Raphael Comesanha UFSC Sensory Fusion Assesment of Micro-Electrimechanical Inertial Measurements Units Applied to Cubesat Attitude Determination
11:55 15:55 Margot Clauss LTU Creaternity Space: toward circularity
12:00 16:00 Larissa Krambeck UFSC Development of technologies for the thermal control of electronic devices, including those for space applications
12:05 16:05 Didun Obilanade LTU/GKN Additive Manufacturing Surface Roughness: Design and Standardisation
12:10 16:10 Kelvin Domiciano UFSC Heat pipes for thermal control of space systems
12:15 16:15 Round table discussion
12:25 16:25 Break
BR SE Session I – International Collaboration
Chair: Emilia Villani (ITA) & Petter Krus (LiU)
12:30 16:30 Ibrahim Yimer National Research Council Canada IFAR
12:40 16:40 Domingos Rade ITA FlyMov
12:50 16:50 Round table discussion
12:50 16:50 Emilia/Petter ITA/LiU Closing Remarks
13:00 17:00 End



22 November, 2023 @ 12:00
24 November, 2023 @ 17:00
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