SARC Annual meeting, May 2-3, 2019

The second SARC Annual Meeting will be held at Scandic Foresta, Lidingö. It will be a two-day lunch-to-lunch event with presentations from both academia and industry.

Please find more information and a registration form on our dedicated annual-meeting page.

Conceptual Aircraft Design Course, Florianopolis, Brazil, March 18 – 22, 2019

The course,  taught by Daniel P. Raymer (USA), is targeted to both doctoral students and enterprises from Brazil and Sweden in the aeronautical sector. It offers a broad overview of the entire subject of Aircraft Conceptual Design in an integrated, cohesive, and enjoyable set of lectures. All required theoretical methods are covered in the course, but the biggest strength of the course is that it provides a “real-world” insight into the actual practice of aircraft design.

More informations:

Future SARC Workshops

The SARC working group is planning for two clusters/domain-specific workshops, one in the field of Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) and Decision Support and one in Simulation and Inter-Tool Simulation Strategies within Aeronautical Engineering. More information will follow.

If you feel interested to join the programme committee, if you want to present your work/project within these fields or in case you have any suggestions, simply contact us.

RISE and Mälardalens University arrange the 3rd Swedish Workshop on Engineering of Systems-of-Systems on 22th Nov 2018

The third Swedish Workshop on Engineering of Systems-of-Systems will be hosted at Linköping University. Abstract submission deadline is already on October 19. Keynote presenters are Stefan Sandberg (Pitch Technologies), Christopher Jouannet (Saab AB), Gunnar Holmberg (Saab AB) and Jakob Axelsson (RISE SICS). For more information see

SARC Kick-Off 18th/19th June 2018

The SARC Kick-off was a two-day lunch-to-lunch event with more than 100 representatives from politics, academia, and industry. It has been the first presentation of the SARC centre to the public with a lot of information, planning, collaboration, and networking (“mingling”) activities. The event took place at the SARC host, Linköping University, Campus Valla (lecture hall A2) on the first day and the nearby Flygvapenmuseum on the second day.

Find more information about this event on our dedicated kick-off page.